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About InstaApp

InstaApp delivers customized web and mobile app solutions for businesses in industries such as restaurants, automotive, fashion, groceries, and more. The mission of InstaApp is to empower individuals and businesses to create, deploy, and manage high-quality web and mobile applications with ease. We strive to provide a comprehensive platform that enables users, regardless of their technical expertise, to bring their ideas to life and reach their target audience effectively.

At InstaApp, we're passionate about crafting cutting-edge digital experiences that revolutionize how businesses thrive in the digital landscape. With over 10+ years of expertise, we've been at the forefront of driving global business transformation through innovative web and mobile app solutions.

Our commitment lies in creating user-centric applications that not only meet but exceed expectations, catering to diverse industries and empowering businesses to reach new heights. We specialize in delivering comprehensive and tailored digital solutions that seamlessly integrate with our clients' objectives, amplifying their growth and success.



Mission Summary

InstaApp's mission is to revolutionize the way businesses leverage technology by crafting bespoke web and mobile app solutions that propel growth, enhance user experiences, and drive tangible results.

Executive Summary

While the demand for mobile and web applications continues to surge across diverse industries, businesses and individuals often face significant hurdles in developing tailored, high-quality apps. The existing app development process is riddled with complexities, requiring extensive technical expertise, substantial time investment, and significant financial resources. Moreover, industries such as restaurants, automotive, fashion, and groceries lack accessible, industry-specific app development solutions that cater to their unique requirements.

InstaApp recognizes these challenges and aims to simplify the app creation process. However, there persists a need to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical users, ensuring ease of use without compromising on the customization necessary for industry-specific applications. Additionally, providing robust support, guidance, and ensuring the stability and security of the apps developed on the platform remain critical concerns.

Integrated solutions designed for your business

Delivering customized web and mobile app solutions for your unique business goals.

Select your template

Our app builder comes with pre-loaded templates that are tailored to your application. To get started, simply choose your template.

Add your content

Create products and engaging content for your application to stand out and attract a large number of users who will become loyal users.

Get your App live

Our application maker wizard makes it super simple to make your brand new app live.

Make an Application for your Business

Now more than ever an Application is essential for your business. Your web & mobile app is your unique identity in the global world. Customize it with your logo, colors, products & content.

Build your Website and Mobile Applications.

Create your own website and mobile apps with ease and flexibility.

Easy onboarding, fast adoption.

With InstaApp getting your team on board is as simple as sending an email.

Grow your business with InstaApp.

InstaApp can help you grow your business by selling your products, and take payments through the user friendly apps.


Why choose InstaApp?

Expertise and Experience:
Trusted team with extensive web and mobile app development experience.

Customized Solutions:
Tailored applications to meet your unique business requirements.

Quality and Reliability:
Commitment to delivering top-quality, robust, and secure applications.

Ongoing Support:
Comprehensive support and maintenance services for long-term success.

Pricing for every business, at any stage

All Plans has one time setup Fee:- $349.00

** 12 Months contract required for each plan.

  • $200.00
  • Per Month
  • Android and iOS Customized App
  • Menu (Add, Update, Special Menu)
  • Order History and Status Change
  • Stripe Payment support
  • Email & Text Notification
  • Email Support
  • $300.00
  • Per Month
  • Responsive website +
  • Android and iOS Customized App
  • Integration with POS Systems (Clover, InTouch, Square, Toast)
  • Order notification on POS
  • Direct payment
  • *Printer for orders

Our Partners

  • Itsacheckmate
  • Smartscreen
  • Borzo
  • Delivery

Amazing Features

InstaApp, which provides amazing business application solutions for customers, will help you boost your business startup with web & mobile app services.

Manage Products

Using the right business application will make your job simpler and save you money over time.

Order Monitoring

Efficiently track and manage orders in real-time with comprehensive order monitoring features embedded within your business.

Smart Notifications

Stay informed and in control with intelligent notifications that provide timely updates and important alerts within your business.

Payment Options

Streamline financial transactions and enhance customer convenience with diverse payment options.

Web & Mobile App

According to the needs of the users, we develop both Web and Mobile business apps.


Elevate customer satisfaction and address inquiries seamlessly with robust support features integrated into your application.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can earn money from your app by allowing your customers to do more of what usually produces revenue for your business. i.e. online food ordering, all of which can be paid for with a Credit/Debit Card.
Yes, we will do our best to market your web & mobile app and make sure that we will follow the whole marketplace protocols and practices for getting your app accepted in the Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.
Some of the best features of the business web & mobile app are user-friendly product, search option, online ordering and online payment. As these are the most common ones, there are various other ones too that make the business app more useful.
There are a lot of benefits to using web & mobile apps for businesses. One is that it provides real-time access to users for streamlining the whole process among various stakeholders. However, one of the major and concrete benefits is providing high revenue for businesses.
Research by the National Business Association states that 83% of adults search for local businesses with the help of their smartphone. 75% use mobile devices to look up products before making a decision. These statistics support the idea of making your app for a business to benefit from.
Yes, This application platform will help you in managing orders that provide more time as well as energy for expanding your business.
We will provide you the Admin web access to manage your business products & orders.
You shouldn’t see the investment into business app development services as either this or a growth option. Both are interdependent. A web & mobile app can be the best way to get orders online & grow your business.

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