Manage Menu Daily

Running a restaurant is not a simple task; however, effective restaurant management requires systematic management of regular restaurant operations. Using the right restaurant management software will make your job simpler and save you money over time. Customers can have a great experience with the interactive restaurant menu because it is easy to use and can be personalised. All of your menus are controlled in the palm of your hand with InstaApp. It integrates all of those innovations and core business functions into a single, easy-to-manage framework. The detailed and personalised menu from the user's perspective. Using a digital restaurant menu app allows users to view a variety of dishes from a specific restaurant in greater detail, effectively improving their dining experience.

Don’t start from Scratch! we have a library of features for you to choose from to make your app building faster.

Order Monitoring

We can monitor the status of the order in 3 steps.

1. Ready to Fulfill (i.e. the order is placed and is getting ready in the kitchen).

2. Ready for Pickup (i.e. Order is ready, the email is sent to the customer and the order is waiting to be picked up).

3. Completed (i.e. when the order is picked up by the customer).

Notification for New Order

Customers now a days can access and pick their favourite food from the restaurant's menu list and add it to their cart, as well as choose delivery options, pay, and the order is complete. However, the majority of currently available online food ordering systems lack the notification and delivery services that have become critical to customer satisfaction. An online food ordering system with notification enhances productivity and improves services provided to the customers through better application of technology in daily operations. It can stand out from competitors in the foodservice industry.

Multiple Payment Options

Everyone wants to grow their revenue. However, consistent business and technological exchanges are needed to drive ever-faster growth. We make use of a variety of payment gateways and options, such as Stripe or Clover System. The idea is that the funds will flow directly to the restaurant where the customer placed their order through the app, and the restaurant app will receive a portion of the proceeds - all in real time.

When a customer places an order with your restaurant, the payment gateway completes three steps to complete the transaction: encryption, authorization request, and order confirmation.

Support for iOS and Android

The restaurant app's key features include the ability to view the menu, place orders, monitor deliveries, and make payments online. The menu should be easy to read and choose from, and ordering through the restaurant app should be more convenient than any other method.

Via our Android and iOS app, InstaApp provides restaurateurs with invaluable insights into company operations and revenues. It provides a powerful solution that allows you to get out of the back office and onto the floor to interact with customers by providing you with the information you need about your restaurant's results. According to the needs of the users, we develop both an Android and an iOS restaurant app.