With InstaApp, we can build an app for your restaurant!

Get complete control over your Clients. We provide restaurants with prefabricated "custom" iOS and Android apps that, after entering the restaurant's name, menu, pricing, and other key information, populate in the Apple and Android stores and are available for download.

About InstaApp

We are not only assisting small restaurants in diversifying their business models by providing them with the same technological capabilities as large chain restaurants but also, we assist them to stay afloat in the worst-case scenario. Even more importantly: we address the travesty that is happening with third-party ordering apps.

According to research, restaurants make only enough to cover the expense of the food after commissions, implying that they have no profit margins. Restaurants will be able to provide Deliveries to their customers using our app while also retaining healthy margins and not having to lift the price of their dishes dramatically.


Mission Summary

Our mission is to provide restaurants with the same level of technology as the major chains, but at a more affordable price point. We accomplish this by offering a white label app generation platform that allows restaurants to upload their name, menu, pricing, and logo and have an iOS and Android app ready for their customers.

Executive Summary

The world is going digital, and brick-and-mortar stores have been particularly vulnerable to this transformation during Covid-19.

What is the solution?
Customers should be able to order food and drinks online and have them shipped to their homes or picked up. When things return to normal, customers will be able to reserve tables in advance. Restaurants will also have Ecommerce capabilities, allowing them to sell products via their apps.